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July 2014 • Newsletter

Greetings, District One!

Happy warm July to everyone in District 1! I hope this newsletter finds you well.

As you most likely know, last month was my last meet and greet until September 19 (one day before my birthday). We had a fabulous crowd (below) and I was able to inform everyone about the great things happening in District 1 and indeed, the entire City. If you need to speak to me about anything, please feel free to call me or send me an email at roland.winters@surpriseaz.gov.


We welcomed a new City Manager, Bob Wingenroth! The decision to appoint Mr. Wingenroth was a remarkable decision by the entire City Council. I will be interviewing our new City Manager on Surprise 11 this month so you’ll want to watch it.

City Manager Bob Wingenroth

WINCO is proceeding with their large discount grocery store on Bell Road after overcoming many hurdles. I recognize there was some opposition to the location of the store but I believe it will be a wonderful addition for District 1, the residents of Surprise and even the residents of the southwest Valley. I have received a number of emails and phone calls with some concerns and one of the last emails discussed concerns about Acacia trees that WINCO wanted to plant along the block wall at the very southern edge of that particular lot. Some of those residents did not want the mess associated with those trees, in particular, the puffy flowers that fall from the trees and blow around. After further investigation and discussions with staff, WINCO agreed to change the trees to Sissoo with root barriers. WINCO is trying to accommodate us and to be a good neighbor!

The City Council held their last meeting, prior to summer recess, on Tuesday, June 17. We will resume our regular schedule on Tuesday, August 5. Although we are not meeting, we do not have July off of work. There is still City work to be done!

Surprise Mayor and City Council

On Wednesday, June 4, I visited the site of our new Fire Station 304. It won’t be too much longer before the crew will move into the new facility. It will be very nice for them compared to the space they currently occupy! I’d love to cut that ribbon, if they ask me! I’ve received a few phone calls inquiring about the new space. Why is it a temporary building instead of a permanent building? The answer is quite simple. There is a big difference between $400,000 versus $4.5 million and until Asante and the other areas are completely built and the City can collect those impact fees, we will need to wait.

Fire Station 304

The Committee I chair, the Boards and Commissions Selection Committee, has chosen four new residents to fill vacancies on various commissions. Councilman Jim Biundo of District 2 and Councilwoman Rachel Villanueva of District 4 are also part of the Committee. The City Council unanimously approved all nominees at the City Council meeting on June 17. It is really gratifying to find residents who are willing to donate some of their free time to serve on our Boards and Commissions which serve as a valuable resource for our City Council.

Last month, I also attended the HOA Summit held in the Public Safety Auditorium of the Surprise Police Department. We had a fair turn-out. I strongly encourage all of our HOAs to get involved at these meetings which are held quarterly. Please ask your HOA Boards to be in attendance! This past meeting was held on June 11 and it was very informative. Landscaping was the primary focus of this meeting as well as tips on how we can make our common areas aesthetically pleasing. The lecture was given by Bart Wingard, one of the City’s Planners. Bart knows his subject as he holds a degree in landscape engineering. Great job, Bart!

Vice Mayor Skip Hall at the HOA Summit

On June 11, I was also invited to attend the Surprise Farms II HOA meeting by their Community Manager, Jeanne Stockard and the Surprise Farms II Board of Directors. I provided a City and District 1 update which included all of the improvements the City will be investing in Surprise Farms Park. Mark Coronado, Director of CRS, was able to provide some artist renditions for that meeting. Thank you, Mark! The residents who were in attendance seemed happy to see the renditions and know the improvements are coming to fruition.

I had the privilege to attend the AZ Entrepreneurial Boot Camp at the AZ TechCelerator on Friday, June 13. Many of our high school youth participated in the boot camp that allowed them to work in four separate groups and develop a business plan for their school. The winner was chosen and that business, Bull Dog Lock-Up received $2,000 to start their business at their school, Arizona Charter Academy. Bull Dog Lock-Up will provide a secure place for students to place their school items during the school day.

AZ Entrepreneurial Boot Camp at the AZ TechCelerator

On Wednesday, June 18, the CRS Advisory Commission held their monthly meeting at Willow Canyon High School to show and explain what amenities they recommend at Surprise Farms Park. The meeting was very well attended as the CRS Chair indicated it was one of their largest crowds. Four City Council Members were in attendance. All aspects of the improvements were well explained and Mark Coronado, Director of CRS, was there for questions and answers. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Wayne Turner and the CRS Advisory Commission for their hard work, planning and patience developing their plans for this park. Jay Hicks was also present for this meeting. Mr. Hicks was the primary planner for Marley Park and if you have never been to Marley Park or Asante Park, it is worth the trip! We received excellent feedback from this meeting pertaining to the residents’ wants which included a large splash pad, ramadas, bathrooms, parking lot, dog park and much more. We have $1.68 Million to invest at this park. Will we get everything we want? Maybe not, but we are certainly going to do our best with what we have. I am confident that the City Council will approve this project.

On June 23, City Council had an opportunity to meet the candidates for the Community Development Director position. Our new City Manager has a tough decision to make!

The 24th of June found me in our usual once a month Water Planning Subcommittee meeting chaired by Vice Mayor Skip Hall. In approximately 2025, we are going to be forced to make some tough choices regarding our water supply. This Subcommittee has allowed me to work with our Vice Mayor more closely and I can assure you, when our Mayor is out of town for business, the City is in good hands with Vice Mayor Hall at the helm.

Finally, on June 25, I went to my fourth meeting on Interstate 11 which will be located just west of Surprise. It will someday connect Mexico to Canada but it is still early in the planning process.
As you can see, June was a very busy month. I hope you enjoyed my summary. Please remember to watch my Surprise 11 interview with our new City Manager. I wasn’t too nervous this time!
Please don’t forget, we’ve changed our hours to best accommodate our residents!


Councilman Roland Winters, Jr.