AZ League 2015

September 2015 • Newsletter

Greetings to all of my District 1 neighbors and to all of the residents of this great city we call Surprise!

I am anxiously anticipating the cooler temperatures and the return of our snowbird residents. August was another busy month especially returning from our Council recess in July.

City Council only conducted one meeting in August due to the League of Arizona Cities & Towns Conference in Tucson. Our meeting was held on August 4. Regular meetings are still scheduled to occur twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday, beginning this month.

Councilman Hall and I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, August 11 at the Palm Vista Baptist Church on Bell Road. The church significantly expanded their church by adding a beautiful new worship building. I’d like to thank Debra with Palm Vista for the invitation and her hospitality.

CM Hall and Winters at the Palm Visita Ribbon Cutting

City staff held a public meeting pertaining to the Bullard Avenue traffic pattern changes on Monday, August 17 at Marley Park Elementary School. There were almost 100 residents present and over 50 residents spoke, most of their discontent with the changes; however, most residents seemed content with the speed limit reduction to 35 mph from 45 mph. I personally understand both sides of the issue. The City’s priority with the change was first and foremost safety.

Each member of City Council attended the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Conference in Tucson from Tuesday, August 18 through Friday, August 21. Members of our Surprise Youth Council were also in attendance as they were panelists for one of our sessions led by Vice Mayor John Williams.

City Council at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Conference in Tucson

Being a member of the Northwest Valley Connect Advisory Committee, I attended the meeting on Monday, August 24 at Benevilla. The meeting was chaired by Kathy Chandler, Executive Director of Northwest Valley Connect. This organization is only two years old and it has already made a huge impact in our city and surrounding areas. Their goal is to service anyone needs transportation, especially for lifestyle purposes. There are numerous volunteers who drive their own vehicles and provide rides to requestors at no cost. In summary, this organization is a great resource to connect residents with a ride who wouldn’t normally have transportation. Next month, I will interview Kathy Chandler during my new Council Conversation. Watch out for it!

Public Works Director Mike Gent and I attended the Saguaro View HOA meeting at the Hampton Inn on Wednesday, August 26. Our conversation focused on the city beginning trash pick-up for the residents who reside in Saguaro View.

On Thursday, August 27, I attended the Water Resource Planning Subcommittee meeting chaired by Councilman Skip Hall. Both Vice Mayor John Williams and I are also members of the Subcommittee. Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe briefed us on our water portfolio as we continue to work to ensure there is enough water for the growth of our city in the future.

Please remember my Friday Night Chats begin again on Friday, October 16 at 7 pm at the Retreat Community Center at Arizona Traditions. The address is 18250 W. Weatherby. (If you plan to attend, please hit 0000 and tell the guard you are there to attend my Chat). I hope to see you there. In the meantime, always be good to yourself and be good to each other.